The pure desire of Dr. Mark Anthony to create an atmosphere for the presence of God, an atmosphere where the manifestation of the fullness of his presence could be experienced by all. Dr. Bethel was passionate and selflessly committed to bring a Kingdom Culture of Worship to the body of Christ. His vision was to utilize all areas of Fine Arts, to demonstrate God’s love, healing, deliverance and expressions of God’s amazing grace to mankind. Dr. Bethel acknowledged that to make this a reality there was a need for training and exposure to practical skills in ascending praise and anointed passionate and pure worship.

We encourage you to continue to seek God, allow his creativity and innovation to prompt you to utilize all his gifts for the edification of his name. Bring forth the music, dance, poetry, flags and banners, bring forth the spoken word, drama and anthems and let his sound burst forth, let the minstrel play, the dancers dance, and the psalmist sing all to the glory of God. Let his name be praised and his glory shine forth for evermore.

We support this vision and will continue to pray that the body of Christ will be unified to bring forth his glorious praise to all nations.


Pastor Cyprianna Bethel & Family.




The life of Dr. Myles Munroe–a son, brother, uncle, and parent– stands as a testimony to what God can do regardless of your birthplace and circumstances. We his family count it a privilege to have worked with him in the Ministry, helping to create a legacy of leadership and excellence. From his childhood, we could see that Myles was very special. His approach to everything was as if it was very important to him. For example, as a young adult he would study the Bible and go on fasts for weeks. He never wasted time and lived as if he was on a mission and had a limited time to accomplish what he had to do.

Myles expressed privately and publically that one of the things he cherished most during his ministry was that his siblings, who were older than he was, submitted to him and allowed him to be their pastor. We were always very proud of our brother, and our submission to him was indicative of the love and respect we held for him as an individual and the great leader he became. We know that he lived his life with integrity and sincerity.

Myles will always be remembered for sharing special and close relationships with his siblings and brothers-in-law who counted it a privilege and honor to have their lives intertwined with his. He and Ruth will be greatly missed at our family gatherings which he looked forward to after travelling abroad. He made every effort to spend time with us which made us all feel important to him. He practiced in our family what he preached to the world, in that, he chose to encourage us to follow God’s purpose in life, maximize our potential, and helped us to do so. His nieces and nephews adored and loved him. His grand nieces and nephews will miss the special moments he spent with them. They loved him dearly.

Myles, our gift from God, may be gone physically, but he will live on forever in our hearts until we meet again.


The Munroe Family





It is with great honor that we express our semtiments in this commemorative ASAPH booklet.
From the humble beginnings of Bahamas Faith Ministries International, Pastor Richard was instrumental in worship with his role on the accoustic guitar.

Dedicated to manifesting God’s Kingdom power and glory, he truly believed that the earth will be filled with the Glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

His heart for God and commitment to serve with a spirit of excellence was undeniable.

His legacy will live on in the lives of his cherished loved ones.


Pastor Sheena Pinder & Family.